How the Worldwise Learning Centre helped me

by Jennifer Stewart French and Spanish -BA (Hons) @jennifer_alice_98 Here at the University of Central Lancashire we are exceptionally lucky to have access to our very own language centre, the Worldwise Learning Centre. Located at the Preston campus the Centre was exceptionally useful for me as a languages student. During my four years at the University I spent a significant amount of time... Continue Reading →

Six Reasons Everybody Should Learn A New Language

There are many, many benefits to learning a new language - it opens a whole world of possibilities. With the current uncertainty it may seem impossible to think of travelling the globe, but with technology you can connect with people all over the world right from the comfort of your sofa! Here’s six reasons why... Continue Reading →

Preston’s International Film Festival 2019

Worldwise celebrates its 10th anniversary! Preston’s International Film Festival 2019 opened this year with a fantastic evening of celebrations for the Worldwise Learning Centre’s 10th Anniversary. Speakers on the night included Darius Rahimi, Deputy Head of the Political Department at the German Embassy who delivered an exciting and engaging talk on the politics of reconciliation.... Continue Reading →

Halloween & Día De Muertos

When Halloween will be over, the celebrations for Día de Muertos will be just starting! What is Dia de Muertos and how does it differ from Halloween? Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead is a holiday with Mexican origins celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November. Though it can be easily confused with... Continue Reading →

The Worldwise Learning Centre Marks a Decade of International Cinema with its 10th International Film Festival

The Worldwise Learning Centre Marks a Decade of International Cinema with its 10th International Film Festival The Worldwise Learning Centre at the University of Central Lancashire was proud to present their 10th International Film Festival this year with their biggest ever audience! The film festival, which has grown in popularity year-on-year, was launched to a... Continue Reading →

Holiday Languages at UCLan

Parlez-vous Anglais? Sprechen Sie Englisch? Habla Ingles? Have you ever used one of these phrases to get by on holiday? Have you ever fumbled with a menu, relying solely on the pictures? Have you missed out on wonderful new experiences because you haven’t understood the language? Whether you’re looking to ride the waves off the... Continue Reading →

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