Lost in Translation? Our Holiday Language learners defy British stereotypes!

Holiday Languages 2018 banner photo

Despite a number of recent surveys saying that many Brits make little or no effort to learn a language before going on holiday, our 8th consecutive Holiday Languages programme has been extremely popular and the students have had a great time challenging these stereotypes. 

Students could choose from a wide range of languages including Arabic, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish for an intensive 2 week programme at UCLan’s Worldwise Learning Centre this June.  Launch night saw the students enjoy fresh fruit and snacks from around the world, before the hard work started. The sessions were packed with interactive practical learning, and one tutor even used dance as a unique way to learn directions in class!

Even though they have graduated from the taught part of the programme, the students will still have access to the world-leading language learning software Rosetta Stone until the end of the summer to help them improve their language skills.

100% of the students surveyed were satisfied with the course and the teaching! We spoke with some of our students and here are the things they told us about the course:

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As the Chinese proverb goes –
“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.”

We hope to have opened a lot more windows for you to look at the world!

A big thank you to our Holiday Languages teachers this year- Danila, Fred, Kazu, Miguel and Saadia – for making this programme so successful. Our extended thanks to our community engagement hub, In The City, our Building Manager and UCLan Security team for their constant support.



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