The Worldwise Learning Centre Marks a Decade of International Cinema with its 10th International Film Festival

edited-for-film-fest-bannerThe Worldwise Learning Centre Marks a Decade of International Cinema with its 10th International Film Festival

The Worldwise Learning Centre at the University of Central Lancashire was proud to present their 10th International Film Festival this year with their biggest ever audience!

The film festival, which has grown in popularity year-on-year, was launched to a sell-out-audience by writer and director, Luca Vullo. Luca joined the Worldwise Learning Centre to celebrate a decade of international cinema and present his fascinating documentary into the lives of Italians living in London.

When asked about why he decided to create his documentary, Luca said, “When I arrived in London three years ago, I realised that there was a massive community of Italians living in there. And then I thought, why?”

The documentary reveals the ‘pulse’ of Italians through the perspective on both well-established and newly arrived immigrants living in London. It looks at the opportunities and challenges facing Italian migrants—everything from job and economic prospects, to understanding the typically British culture of queuing!

“I realised a lot of people when arriving in this country from Italy had a lot of dreams. London is London…it’s another world. They can achieve something big.” Luca Vullo

Luca’s documentary was followed by a Q&A session where members of the audience had the opportunity to ask Luca their questions. In the wake of Brexit, Luca remained positive about the future of Italian migrants living in London. “I’m always positive in my life…The love and attraction for this country (U.K.) will not reduce.”

The rest of the week continued to be a great success, with the films, nail-biting action, Victoria, heart-warming comedy, Instructions Not Included and family drama, The Way Home drawing in huge numbers of students, staff and members of the local community.

This year, the International Film Festival was also featured in the Preston Arts Festival Event Guide, organised by the Preston Arts Association (PAA). The PAA is an organisation which raises awareness of the arts in Preston.

Principal Lecturer and Director of the Worldwise Learning Centre, Valeriy Smolienko said. “We’re extremely pleased that the 10th anniversary of our International Film Festival has been a huge success. We hope to welcome staff, students and members of the local community to the next ten years of international cinema and culture!” 

Preston’s 10th International Film Festival Photos

The International Film Festival as seen by The Pulse team

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