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Parlez-vous Anglais? Sprechen Sie Englisch? Habla Ingles?

Have you ever used one of these phrases to get by on holiday? Have you ever fumbled with a menu, relying solely on the pictures? Have you missed out on wonderful new experiences because you haven’t understood the language?

Whether you’re looking to ride the waves off the coast of Portugal, enjoy some fruity French wine or just get away from the cold and head to Spain for tapas and flamenco during your holiday in Andalucía, knowing just some of the native language can truly enrich your experience.

There are so many different reasons for learning another language or improve your existing language skills before heading off on holiday this year. Holiday Languages, provided by the Worldwise Learning Centre at the University of Central Lancashire, gives you all the essential skills you need to communicate abroad. So you can order with ease at your favourite French bistro, find your way through the streets of Rome and impress the locals at the bustling Greek open markets.

So join us for our fun and practical language and culture workshops in Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

The courses will include;

  • 10 hours of class spread over four days with a University tutor.
  • Additional practice onsite with the award winning and world- leading language learning software, Rosetta Stone (Available for the duration of the course)
  • Access to language learning resources
  • All the essentials covered – meeting and greeting, finding your way, ordering food and drink, etc.
  • Useful cultural hints and travel tips, so you get the most out of your holiday

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To register or find out more please contact the Worldwise team.
*The courses are free for all UCLan students.

Guest blogger: Grazielen Zemek
Editor: Lyndsay Cambridge