Our UCLan weeK; What students said


Our UCLan week gives us students the opportunity to take part in a huge range of events, either related to our course or to all the other fields of studies. I took the chance to try both.

I attended an Interpreting Mock Conference facilitated by MA students studying Arabic, Chinese, English and German. It was fascinating to see how well they managed to immediately communicate the complex context of the conference in four so completely different languages!

I went to see the screening of “The Hunting Ground”, a documentary about the problem of sexual assault and rape on American campuses. The  question and answer session with guest speakers after the screening showed that different institutions do a great job to prevent this from being an issue in the UK. Many thanks to our SU who is raising awareness with their #SayNo campaign!”

Madlen Reiss, BA student

BiancaV2.jpg”I was  overwhelmed by the Japan Day Festival celebrations. It was interesting to get an insight into the Japanese culture and learn about traditional customs. What I enjoyed the most was the performance of the traditional Sōran-Bushi dance in the Atrium. It was fascinating to see the colourful display in Adelphi foyer showcasing the work of students who participated in the Haiku Poetry competition.  

I have also attended a talk by Bianca Bäumler, team Leader for the EU Public Diplomacy Platform where I have learned about public diplomacy and the significance of EU Communication. The most interesting thing for me was the debates concerning the practice of public diplomacy strategies. It was a great experience to get an insight into cultural diplomacy and recognise the value of exchanging ideas, information, art and other aspects of culture between different countries and their societies.

A big thank you to the Worldwise Learning Centre for making these events happen by inviting great personalities to give high quality presentations to their audience and thank you to Bianca Bäumler for coming all the way from Brussels.”

Grazielen Zemek, UCLan Graduate


”During our UCLan week in February, many events were happening at the same time, but I decided to attend two lectures I enjoyed very much. Before I went to see “The language of fascism” which was based on Italy, I wasn’t aware that the teaching of minority languages were suppressed to create a great Italy; in which democracy did not play a part in the conception of a nation during the fascist era. Thank you for an informative, educational, interesting and enlightening workshop!

The other talk was given by one of only eleven British students who studied in China during the Cultural Revolution. He had to wait for six years to be granted a visa – and made the most of his time in the People’s Republic! During his talk “My Year Abroad in China 1976”, Paul Livesey shared his experience in the most humorous and entertaining way.”

Dafine Rexhaj, MA student

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About our guest bloggers:
Dafine Rexhaj is an MA student in Interpreting and Translation.
Grazielen Zemek has recently graduated in International Journalism.
Madlen Reiss, is BA student in Intercultural Business Communication.

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