Holiday Languages – Making the most of your holiday this summer

With the current university year drawing to a close and the British summer showing no signs of making an early appearance, many of you will be looking to get away this summer for a well-earned break. With this in mind, the Worldwise Learning Centre are looking to help you get more out of your holiday this summer, with these fun and practical language and culture workshops in Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. 453401_cafe_S6

The courses will include;

• 10 hours of class spread over 4 days with a University tutor.

• Additional practice onsite with the award winning and world- leading language learning software, Rosetta Stone ( Available for the duration of the course)

• Access to language learning resources in the University library

• All the essentials – meeting and greeting, finding your way, ordering food and drink etc..

• Useful cultural hints and travel tips

There are loads of great reasons to learn a language before you go on holiday and even a small amount of competence will go a long way. The whole process of travelling is made a whole lot easier by not having to repeatedly check your phrasebook when booking trips, asking for directions and ordering meals. Learning the language of the locals will also allow you to get better deals, allowing your money to go that little bit further when bargaining in some of the fantastic market places across the world. Brushing up on your language skills is also a great way to enrich your holiday experience, allowing you to get off the beaten track and explore sights that most other tourists don’t get a chance to see. On top of all this, it is simply great to be able to have a chat with the locals and demonstrate you have made an effort to embrace their language and culture.

For anyone who is interested in participating in the Holiday Languages course, the classes are taking place in June. To sign up to the course or for any further information, you can either email us at or give us a ring on 01772894248.

Holiday Languages 2015 poster


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