Worldwise Live Events this April

This April, the Worldwise event calendar is packed full of diverse and exciting sessions to get involved with. The busy schedule kicks off on April 9th, with ‘A Trip through Korean Culture’, exploring ‘the mysteries of Korea’, as well as providing an intriguing insight into Korea’s everyday life, heritage and much, much more. The session takes place from 6-8pm in the Harrington Kitchen, and we can guarantee you will not be disappointed!
April 15th sees the Launch of our Translation and Interpreting Week, and for anyone considering a career in this specialism, this is definitely an opportunity not to be missed. The week’s events will not only provide you with an opportunity to learn about this exciting profession, but there will also be a chance to become friends with individuals from all over the world who have made their first steps towards becoming professional interpreters and translators. The Launch event on the 15th takes place 4-6pm in the Worldwise Café, and will allow you to engage in talks and games to challenge yourself and enhance your language skills.

To re-energize during the busy Translation and Interpreting week, on April 17th, 4-6pm in the Worldwise Café, there will be an event dedicated to the ‘Different Cultures and Different Tastes of Europe’. The event will explore the traditional foods of the European countries (Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the UK) and their favourite dishes, focusing on the existing stereotypes relating to how we cook and eat. Test your European culinary knowledge with a quiz on European countries and their favourite dishes, and receive simple & delicious recipes. Come and find out about the real food culture in Europe and help us break the stereotypes!

And we’ve not finished there! On April 24th, 4-6pm in the UCLan Atrium, there will be a session dedicated to exploring the possibilities of studying abroad in Central Europe. ‘Discover Central Europe with ERASMUS’ will provide you with all the necessary information in regard to pursuing your studies in Central Europe, identifying the Universities available, the subjects you are able to study, how much it will cost, as well as providing a detailed insight into student life in Central Europe. Join us in the Atrium for free cakes and drinks, and speak to students who have already experienced and enjoyed studying in Central Europe.
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For more details regarding any of these events, please do not hesitate to email us at further information on lots more exciting opportunities and events taking place at UCLan in the upcoming weeks, head over to the UCLan ‘What’s On Calendar’ –

(photo courtesy of ‘Taekwonweirdo’ – Flickr)


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