Easter traditions and customs around the world

For many, Easter arrives with the promise of a long weekend, Easter egg hunts, and the ability to overindulge in an excessive amount of chocolate. But while this may be the norm for countries like the United Kingdom, different countries mark the occasion with their own unique customs and traditions. Here is just a brief selection of the ones that caught our eye…  2350280042_1bd813f893

In Poland, a popular Easter tradition is Smigus-dyngus, which involves people taking to the streets each year to participate in water fights on Easter Monday. The tradition originally began as a man sprinkling perfumed water on the girl he was interested in, but nowadays it is quite common for anyone to get a good soaking.

In Australia, the Easter bunny is replaced by the Easter bilby, an endangered species unique to Australia.The Easter bilby is characterized by its long nose and large ears, and in order to increase awareness and conservation efforts, bilby- shaped chocolates and related merchandise are sold throughout Australia over the Easter period.

In Germany, a common Easter tradition is the ‘egg dance’, where eggs are laid upon the ground and people dance among them while trying not to damage them. Another popular custom is ‘The Osterbaum’ or ‘Easter tree’, in which Easter eggs are hung from trees or large branches.

In Corfu (Kérkyra), one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in Greece, on the Saturday before Easter they throw clay pots from their windows and balconies. The crashing noise accompanied by loudly ringing bells and bands parading through the streets follows the first Resurrection announcement.

And here in Lancashire, the residents of Preston, celebrate Easter by rolling eggs down the hill in the city’s Avenham Park, a tradition that goes back hundred of years. These days though the eggs are of the chocolate variety. Why not join the festivities this Monday 2nd of April? 

egg rolling

We would love to hear of any other Easter customs and traditions taking place across the world over the coming days. Please feel free to leave us a comment and share some of your own Easter related festivities. Happy Easter to all wherever you may be in the world!

Updated: March 2018
Original Post: March 2013

Photo 1 – ‘ Blue Easter’ – Abac077  via Flickr
Photo 2- ‘ Easter Tree’ – scartmyart via Pixabay


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