Lancashire’s Talent!

The annual Lancashire’s Talent Competition is taking place this month on Thursday 21st March. The competition aims to encourage Year 8 pupils to use languages creatively, expressing their flair for languages through poetry,song and video. Last year’s competition saw over one hundered pupils from across eight local schools, showcasing their linguistic talents within the modern foreign languages they are currently studying. The competition, which is now in its fourth year, was initated by Esther Mercia from Longridge High School with the aim of increasing the popularity ofLancs-talent-show-2012 language learning amongst school pupils.

Head of Spanish at Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School Kate Whitehouse said  “All of the girls have been really enthusiastic about the competition and because they have freedom to create what they wanted they have come up with some fantastic ideas. It’s also beneficial to place them in a University environment so they can see what it’s like to study a modern foreign language at degree level and the kind of jobs it can lead to.”

The competition judging panel is made up of UCLan students who are native speakers of the respective languages showcased by the pupils. At last year’s competition, UCLan languages graduate and acclaimed author Alica. L.Wright handed out the prizes,commenting “I’m thrilled that UCLan has decided to run this competition again. I think it’s really important to get people interested in learning a foreign language at a young age and help them realise what benefits it can bring in literally opening the world up to them.”

This year’s competition will be taking place on the Thursday 21st March, 2pm, Venue TBC. Find out more about the event here.

Sources – Author: Lyndsey Boardman



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