Easter traditions and customs around the world

For many, Easter arrives with the promise of a long weekend, Easter egg hunts, and the ability to overindulge in an excessive amount of chocolate. But while this may be the norm for countries like the United Kingdom, different countries mark the occasion with their own unique customs and traditions. Here is just a brief selection... Continue Reading →


Top Tips for Language Learners

Language learning, especially in its early stages, can seem a very enduring and daunting process. Getting to grips with complex grammatical concepts can be troublesome in your native language, never mind a foreign language consisting of varying gender and numerous case marking systems. Without question, your language learning potential is at its most effective when... Continue Reading →

Lancashire’s Talent!

The annual Lancashire's Talent Competition is taking place this month on Thursday 21st March. The competition aims to encourage Year 8 pupils to use languages creatively, expressing their flair for languages through poetry,song and video. Last year's competition saw over one hundered pupils from across eight local schools, showcasing their linguistic talents within the modern... Continue Reading →

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